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Human Rights

Human rights are standards that allow all people to live with dignity, freedom, equality, justice, and peace. These are guaranteed for everyone without any distinction.


Human Rights situation in Pakistan

The current situation of Pakistan is unfortunately not very good. There is violation of laws. Nepotism is at its peak. Rape and honor killings are increasing day by day, corruption is demolishing our system and access to Justice isn’t easy. All of it will lead to our demise.


Our Motive

  • We want to create awareness on the hot issues in Pakistan.
  • We want all the citizens to know about their basic rights.
  • We want easy access to Justice.
  • We want everyone to take well informed decisions.
  • We want victims to know what to do next.
  • We want that every citizen says no to violation of Human Rights.

Our Plan of Action

We started with a social media page (Facebook). We started creating awareness through our posts.


Our target audience is vast and we are building our way through with every passing day. We are happy to see our progress on Facebook as we have more than 170 followers and increasing. We hope we’ll have a positive response in the future.


  • We faced many challenges and the first one was our own studies. Lockdown had affected all of us and after lockdown was lifted some of our fellows had their respective Universities and the burden on them was quite a lot. But we managed and decided to work daily and show commitment to our motive.
  • The second one was about convincing people to follow us and to get themselves involved with us during our online sessions. It was a tough job but we think it will work out with time. We only managed to get 15 viewers in our first online session but we hope after some good advertisement next time, we will get a significant increase in the number of viewers.
  • Third challenge was “less time” as we had to change our first project idea so it was a tough job for us but our teamwork pulled it off and we successfully completed our first section.


We are doing our best to provide best much needed information to our followers and we are hopeful that they will find it handy in case of emergency. We have a significant reach from our followers and hope to serve our audience with all our might.

Future Programs

We have decided to continue this project as we have a good enthusiastic team and we have managed to get good guest speakers through our network who are willing to help us with our project.


Syeda Zahra Naqvi, Kainat Saif, Mehlayl Tariq, Muhammad Usman Bashir, Nawaz Farid and Muhammad Khalid Ali.

Source: Qoute Ambition



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