Just Start

My first goal is to prepare for the GRE test and get a job in PARCO (Pak Arab Refinery).

  • The first step I have started teaching my siblings in order to revise my basics.
  • I have downloaded the books regarding GRE.
  • Second step would be to start learning part wise and complete all three parts.
  • Third and last step would be to start solving GRE papers.

The second goal I’m going to share is about fitness.

Being a sportsman and fitness geek I always look forward to live a fit and healthy life. But due to past lockdown effects I have not been able to go out and do activities like cricket, gym etc. So in order to attain my required fitness I have started doing exercise or workout daily for 1.5 hours along with a diet plan. And I hope to achieve desired result in 3 months. This is a long term goal and I want to keep doing it until my last days or as Allah wills.



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M Khalid Ali

M Khalid Ali

A Traveler, an Adventurer, a Believer and a Mechanical Engineer.