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M Khalid Ali
3 min readJul 31, 2020

The secret to getting ahead is getting started

The best way to succeed is to get started. It sounds to easy but it’s the only way. We come up with excuses and can’t complete a task needed to be completed and the only reason is we don’t start doing something.

When we start doing something it becomes easy and a regular job but to get there the only thing is to believe yourself and take the first leap.

Procrastination compounds the problems we need to face and increases our stress level. By pushing back the important things we need to get done until the last minute, we set ourselves up to get nothing done. And then we feel guilty.

We procrastinate for various reasons. The fear of failure and anxiety are two common reasons.

We also procrastinate because the task we need to complete is sometimes unpleasant.

But, if I continue to accept that I will not grow, I’ll be stuck with guilt all the time. So, in order to be something I need to do something.

Now, I’m going to share with you the goals I have and how I am going achieve my goals.

My first goal is to prepare for the GRE test and get a job in PARCO (Pak Arab Refinery).

  • The first step I have started teaching my siblings in order to revise my basics.
  • I have downloaded the books regarding GRE.
  • Second step would be to start learning part wise and complete all three parts.
  • Third and last step would be to start solving GRE papers.

This would be done in a 2 month period and in Sha Allah I hope to achieve it.

The second goal I’m going to share is about fitness.

Being a sportsman and fitness geek I always look forward to live a fit and healthy life. But due to past lockdown effects I have not been able to go out and do activities like cricket, gym etc. So in order to attain my required fitness I have started doing exercise or workout daily for 1.5 hours along with a diet plan. And I hope to achieve desired result in 3 months. This is a long term goal and I want to keep doing it until my last days or as Allah wills.

So, find a way to your excuses and get back on track. Have a great life…!



M Khalid Ali

A Traveler, an Adventurer, a Believer and a Mechanical Engineer.