Moving towards Tomorrow…!

M Khalid Ali
3 min readOct 18, 2020

Though miles may lie between us,
We are never far apart,
For friendship doesn’t count miles,
It’s measured by the heart.


This blog is for the farewell of my Amal Journey. “Amal Family” came like a stranger and is parting like a closest thing one can have. The bond created between this journey is beautiful.

The happy moments we shared with each other will always sparkle in our memories. Saying farewell is always a tough and emotional thing but life never waits for anyone so we have to move on and be positive as we are taking with us a lot of learning experience and beautiful friends.

The last session we attended was named as “Taking Flight”. It definitely felt as a young bird taking its first flight. We had a tremendous learning experience with Amal Academy and now it is time to be independent and apply what we learned and excel in life.

What I enjoyed most in this Session?

The most beautiful thing was listening to each other’s emotions and reflections. We all had the same feeling and whenever someone talked, it was like I was listening to my own voice.


The amazing thing I enjoyed that everyone was active in the sessions even the ones who sometimes didn’t show any activeness in the sessions but in this last activity, I felt like everyone was active and happy to connect and enjoy the activities. It showed as they knew they are gonna miss these special moments.

It’s really important to connect and just do the things for emotional uplift as it creates an environment of positivity all around.

Here are some of the memories we created in the last session in the form of pictures.

Keeping in touch

Amal has gifted us with great friends and it’s our responsibility to remain connected with them. We have connected with each other on WhatsApp and we’ll connect on other social media platforms as well and hope to remain in touch with everyone and help each other whenever needed.


Amal in Future

Amal has taught us many things and I have incorporated a lot of things in myself throughout the journey. But there is still a lot to instill in myself. I have decided to inculcate every principle and values of Amal in my everyday life.

Whenever I will have to do a task or work on something, I will look back and recall what I have learnt in Amal Academy and then inculcate and work according to the teachings of Amal and what I have learnt in this journey.

In the end it’s really unbelievable that the Amal Journey is ending but I believe that the journey of a lifelong learning has just begun.

Amal Family Forever….❤️




M Khalid Ali

A Traveler, an Adventurer, a Believer and a Mechanical Engineer.