The Best One!

M Khalid Ali
2 min readOct 9, 2020

The best highlight on the Amal Journey.

The best thing I experienced in the journey of Amal was about showing “Gratitude” and “Positive Feedback”.


I have been a person who was always shy and could not express his feeling but the Amal journey really amazed me that how showing gratitude and giving people positive feedback about their acts, can really elevate your feelings for others, and it also helps to enhance the bond you share with other people.

Particular Experience

We had this activity in which we had to show gratitude to the people who we think really deserved. We had to make special cards in which we had describe the moments they helped us or did us some favor. It was against my nature as I usually respected such people but never really showed them or told them about their particular act of kindness.

But when I made those cards and gave it to the concerned people, it really boosted their affection towards me and their attitude towards me became even more softer.

It gave me a lesson that whenever you show someone that you are grateful for their acts, they care for you even more. So, it’s always a profitable business.

Now, whenever I get the opportunity i always try my best to show gratitude and give in return and also provide positive feedback. As it helps me to create a better understanding with the other person.

Source: Success Magazine

It was definitely their response and their energy that made me realize that gratitude is the key to all doors. Even if someone is not showing gratitude but you consistently are doing so, it will definitely change that person’s attitude towards you.

We can always learn, practice and grow further in this field of gratitude. It’s not a thing that everyone has from birth rather we can learn how to be grateful in our daily life and make our lives more happier.

Looking Back

I think, I should have been more expressive in showing gratitude rather than being a miser. It would definitely have had a positive effect on my personality. But I’m learning day by day and would love to see myself a better person who shows gratitude and expresses himself more.




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