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Career Counseling

Selection of the right career is one of the most important and life changing decisions in a student’s life. If it is not taken serious enough, it may result in a lifetime regret, irritation and restlessness. Moreover, the students who don’t get desired admissions tend to waste many years before going to a new career.


We tried to create an impact nation wide by advertising through our personal network and social network platforms. Our group members belonged to different provinces so it also provided an edge to maximize our reach to other provinces as well.


We wanted to make this a professional work and for this purpose we had decided to take ask our two University teachers to work and collaborate with us in our project.


  • The application and enrollment of students through Google forms.
  • Students were to be divided into multiple groups/batches according to their educational background.
  • Afterwards we were to schedule Zoom online sessions for batches of students.
  • After completion of the program every student would be required to fill an evaluation form to give feedback about the quality of awareness provided and how helpful it was to the students. Giving us insight on how effective our program was.

Challenges we faced

  • First challenge we faced was that the Intermediate students had already gotten enrolled in the Universities. So, nobody from Intermediate class was willing to attend the sessions.
  • Secondly, Our two active members dropped due to their personal reasons. So, it also created a gap in execution of our plan.

New Idea

There is a lack of awareness of existing laws, which gives a citizen certain protections. By this campaign, we will help people to be well informed about their rights. So, it will help everyone to avail fundamental rights rather than making compromises with the situation.




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M Khalid Ali

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